Cuddly & Mischevous
About pillow forts…

You know how Markiplier had that thing on instagram about pillow forts?

._. I never made a pillow fort with anyone before. I should make one with my fiance next time. 

Does that mean I had no childhood if I never made a pillow fort?

Dark Shadows

Just finished watching Dark Shadows directed by Tim Burton. It was pretty funny but to be honest, I felt a little weird because the main villain has the same name as me. 


THe fuck is this show? XD

Can someone tell me what this show is?

Watching Pewds Play Gretel and Hansel before bedtime. 

Laughter is the best medicine

Meat pies?

I am watching Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of fleet street. And now I am in the mood for pies. But maybe not meat ones? Perhaps some apple pies instead? Ahahahahaha.

Finished a paper for history. If I can’t win in one area, I’ll win in another. I won’t give up!

It pained me a little to post something new. But I couldn’t help it.

This is post #70 because seeing the number 69 makes me giggle a little.

I worry about him. I hope that everything will be alright. I hope that I will be able to help him along the way. Life is getting complicated…or we are making it complicated. But whatever obstacle we face, we will overcome it.

Seeing things with different eyes…

J: “I believe that he watches down on all of us. He silently judges but in no ways is he hateful or discriminating. He is above that. He is accepting and understanding. Feelings change and humans adapt to changes and manipulate in order to survive. The world is relentless and while sin is avoidable, one can still repent. The world is different than what he intended but our faith is unwavering. To us mortals, it’s not always about understanding. An ignorant person can not understand what he refuses to see. A believer so set on the rules will not be able to truly understand because they are not flexible enough to open their minds and hearts. It is about accepting that silent deity and believing that he is there. People can believe their own way and accept what has been said about him. But they know nothing of your heart and how you see the world. They may say you are wrong. But in the end, that is their opinion. And that is their belief. Stay true to how you see the world because no one else will be able to see it the same way.”

"But won’t he hate those who do not completely follow what has been said about him?”

J: “He is above such emotions that destroy the soul. That is what hate does. Hate leaves nothing but ruin and despair. It does not heal. It does not fix. It brings pain. It destroysHe loves because he is understanding and accepting. And while things don’t go as planned, he is flexible because he opens up his mind and his heart.”

A conversation just a few minutes ago with a friend. She sees the world a different way. But it helps me with my wavering faith and strengthened the bond of it.

It’s one of those days again.